Local Delivery Self Driving Robot to Deliver Your Parcel at Your Door Step in the Future

Drones are planned to be used to deliver things in the future. However, there are a lot of things need to be arranged before they are able to do so. One of such examples is to “divide” the sky into a few layers to avoid the drones from being hit by aeroplanes or other drones. Starhip, a startup technology company, is developing a self driving robot which travels on the sidewalk to deliver your parcel to your doorstep.

The self driving delivery robot will be a small electric powered vehicle which is able to carry things equivalent to two shopping bags to the recipient’s doorstep. The device will be running on integrated navigation and it will be fully autonomous. However, there is human operator to make sure that the parcel is delivered to the recipient’s house. The device also will be able to recognise pedestrians and moving through a really slow speed of up to four miles an hour.

The benefit of using the self driving delivery robot is that the recipients will be able to choose the delivery time slot and the device will deliver the parcel at their assigned time. Therefore, they do not have to wait for it to arrive. Another benefit is that, the recipients able to track the device through a smartphone app and the cargo will only be unlocked by them. One disadvantage though, is that the self driving delivery robot can be stolen entirely while it travels to the recipient’s home.

The self driving delivery robot will be available in US, UK and other countries starting in 2016.

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