Google Patented a Way for its Self Driving Cars to Communicate to the Pedestrians

One of the challenges that driverless cars faced is mostly happened during the four-way intersections. As normally, it would take a human driver some aggressive action to drive the car pass through four-way intersections, if not, he could be stuck in the same location for a long time before he could move. However, how do we do it by using self driving car?

Some scenarios that might can happen is that the self driving car might hit the human crossing the road or rear-ended by some other cars which made sudden movement that the system unable to detect or it might result in speeding tickets as well or maybe driving too slow.

Google has patented some of the way which its driverless car is able to communicate its intention with the pedestrians surround them without being too aggressive. One way is by installing a stop sign on the door side to let humans know that it is not safe to cross and another sign installed on the front bumper to let them know that it is safe to pass by in front of it. A robotic hand could also be installed to give signals to other motorists of its intention. Motorists are also part of the road user.

Accidents could most probably delay the launching of self driving cars into the market. Google understands this and therefore, the company is taking every step to ensure that the self driving cars that it builds are guaranteed to be able to keep passengers, other motorists as well as pedestrians safe from danger.

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