Driverless Taxi Could be Available Earlier in Singapore

Driverless cars could be released in the market as early as 2020 and the National League of Cities expected that these cars will be a common mode of transportation by 2030. However, driverless cars could be released earlier in Singapore as cabs.

NuTonomy is a driverless car start-up which started three years ago at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The company has managed to raise $3.6 million funding since January.

NuTonomy is reported to have been testing its driverless cars in Singapore and they just passed their first obstacle. For the next step, the company aims to do a pilot study for driverless taxis in Singapore and the public testing date is expected to be within this year. In the next few years, the company plans to have thousands of driverless taxis to be easily available in Singapore.

It is going to be very easy for consumers to order driverless taxi service. All they have to do is to install a mobile app, similar to ‘Uber’ and a driverless taxi will arrive to their locations and take them to their destinations. Furthermore, the driverless taxi will be running on electric as to help reducing greenhouse gas emission.

It is possible to release driverless car sooner in Singapore as there is support from the government. It is reported that the government has invested millions in automated vehicles. On top of that, despite known for having strict regulations, however, approved legislation will be quickly implemented in the country.

George Osborne, British Chancellor, announced that driverless car will be available in United Kingdom as early as 2017. Apparently, the government has also invested 15 billion pound for the road infrastructure to support driverless car.

China has grown these past few years. It can be seen as there are more and more cars on the public road, causing traffic jam and pollution. Therefore, driverless car could solve this issue. Baidu, a Chinese company, has teamed up with BMW for its own version of driverless car and has been testing it in the United States. However, it might take a little more time for driverless car to be released on public road in China as changes in China’s Road Safety Law might take some time to approve.

Japan has been planning to release driverless taxi service in time for 2020 Olympics. Japanese government pledged in 2015 that they are going to ease regulations for driverless cars to be driven on public road. Therefore, driverless taxi will not only available in the urban areas but in the rural areas as well.

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