More Restrictions Added to Tesla Autopilot Feature in response to Videos Uploaded by People Using it Dangerously

Videos uploaded on Youtube showing people doing stunts with feature on private roads which could cause harm to them and the people surround them. In regards to this, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said that additional constraints will be added to the feature at the earnings call with investors’ event.

It seems that people have been testing the limit of Autopilot feature in Tesla’s car models whether it is intentionally or accidentally. On top of that, there are some people who obviously have been using the feature recklessly. Musk seems to realize that Tesla bears some responsibility as the company designs and implements the system.

Musk did not specify any particular constraints that will be added into the feature. However, one possible constraint that might be implemented is to require someone to sit at the driver’s seat as some of the videos showed that nobody is at the driver’s seat while Tesla’s car is driving itself on private road. Occupancy sensor might be installed at the driver’s seat to monitor whether the driver’s side seatbelt is clicked in. If it is not then the car might not even able to start up.

Tesla and Google believe that fully autonomous cars are the future of automobile. However, the 2 companies have different way of implementing them. Tesla believes that a steering wheel is necessary for the human driver to take over to cater for scenarios which the system might not be able to handle it. The company will gradually adding more and more autonomy features to its car model.

Google on the other hand believes that steering wheel is not necessary.

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