Tesla Model S First Ever TV Advertisement Shows the Advantage of its Autopilot Feature

Nearer to the release of , the company has released its first ever TV advertisement showing how to use its Autopilot features to its full potential. With a click of a ‘Summon’ button, the feature is activated. It is that easy!

The Autopilot feature enable the car to start itself, drive out from the garage, and go to where the owner is waiting to hop into the car. If the car garage is not automatic, the car’s owner can install Tesla’s EVE Connect app to control the garage doors from smartphone and dashboard. Unfortunately, it comes with additional cost.

Once the car hit the road, it is able to travel through the road curves, follow the traffic flow, and detect whether the car at the next lane is trying to overtake it or whether the car at the next lane is driving too close to it. On top of that, it is able to change lanes with one tap and once it reaches its destination, it is able to even park by itself.

Tesla required drivers to put their hand onto the steering wheel throughout the journey as shown in the advertisement. It is a form of precaution in order not to cause harm to them or other people surround them. There are some videos uploaded to Youtube showing some Model S owners doing stunt with the car model and eventually causing accidents. The company has been finding ways to prevent this incident from happening again. One of them is by putting more restrictions to the existing restrictions that are already implemented in the car model.


Tesla’s Autopilot is not fully functional yet; however, updates on it can be done through an over-the-air (OTA) to Model S which enables them to do some autonomous driving features such as automatic steering, lane changing and speed control.

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