Connected Cars Changes How Homes Work

The concept of Internet-of-Things is very intriguing and it is definitely aimed to make your life more convenient. The Internet-of-Things has already exists in your smartphone and your home. It behaves in such a way that your smartphone is able to communicate with your home and do the things such as turn on the living room lights or viewing whatever happening inside your home from your workplace. Now, imagine you can do all this from your car.

and Mercedes Benz are coming up with something which can connect your car and your home with Internet-of-Things. Therefore, you are able to do something like getting your daily necessities from the nearby groceries without having the list ready beforehand or checking whether your kids are at home while you are on the way home.


Ford is working together with so that you can use ’s digital assistant, Alexa, to serve as voice activated home hub. Alexa is similar to Siri, however, Alexa can be used in cars while Siri is used in smartphones. The idea is you talk to your car and your car will talk to all the smart home gadgets remotely.

Mercedes Benz is working with Nest, a Google-owned company which known to make intuitive thermostat as well as Nestcam. Recently, Nest announced something that allow its device to work as a hub for other connected home devices such as Phillip Hue lighting system and Yale smart locks. Therefore, you can do things like unlock your door, switch on the kitchen lights and even turn on your TV while you are away from home.


with its SmartThings platform which uses its TV as the home hub is able to talk with Alexa through which eventually able to talk to a Ford’s car. ’s smart fridge is equipped with cameras which will able to monitor the food supply. Therefore, you do not have to prepare a grocery list beforehand whenever you want to go to the supermarket impromptu; you just need to view your fridge from the comfort of your car and prepare the list then.

dryer and washing machine is equipped with a device which will alert you whenever the detergent needed to be restocked. It is also working with Amazon technology.

With this entire connected cars concept, it makes you feel that you are more in control of your home than ever. Your house and your car are no longer two separate worlds and it is becoming a reality.


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