Tesla Autopilot Mode Designed with Safety in Mind

designed with a lot of cool features and with safety in mind. It is able to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of it, braking and accelerating without compromising the safety of its passengers to maintain the momentum. Its sensors which are mounted at the side of the car are meant to keep track of the vehicles that are passing by beside it. If it is too close, it will carefully steer clear while alerting the driver to take control of the car.

Tesla required its drivers to always keep their hands onto the steering wheel even in Autopilot mode. It will flash a message on the dashboard “Hold steering wheel” when it found that the drivers’ hands are not on the steering wheel.

Another cool feature which can be found in Tesla’s cars is automatic lane change. When the vehicle in front of it suddenly breaks, Tesla’s car will brake gently and it will divert to the right. It will keep on moving to the right until it can find the visible lane; however, if it can not find the lane, it will keep on continue to keep right until the collision avoidance feature detects the road barriers which normally found along the highway and corrected the driving course automatically. Tesla drivers also have an option to take over the car manually in the event if they are not comfortable with the cars’ behaviour as software might not able to handle this kind of scenario.

Google, on the other hand, has a different way of implementing autonomous car technology even though both Tesla and Google has similar objective. Both companies agree that full autonomous car will be the future of automotive industry. However, Tesla has already releasing bits by bits of the features towards a full autonomous feature of a car. Currently some models of Tesla cars are equipped with self parking features or automatic lane changes. Google, on the other hand, planning to straight away releasing a full autonomous car and the design will not include a steering wheel.

There were some issues with the Autopilot usage which required Tesla to put restriction on it and update it through OTA (Over the Air) for Tesla cars out there in the market. However, a few days after the update is released, there is another video uploaded in Youtube, showing a Model S driver filmed himself sitting in the back seat while the car drive itself. The video apparently was uploaded from Netherland.

Despite all these stunts by Tesla drivers, the company has already put in some safety precautions starting from warnings until slowing the car down and eventually putting it to a stop if the system detects that the driver has unbuckled the seatbelt. However, due to the video, the company might have to rethink of another solution as to when and how the feature can be used. It might be that Tesla need to make it such that it will only work on some pre-configured highway in United States.

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