Fort Smart Home Integration using Amazon Echo and Wink Platform

is looking for ways to integrate your car and your home by using Echo and Wink Smart Home Platform. Therefore, Ford owners will be able to start or stop the vehicle, lock or unlock the vehicle, state range and charge status of their electric vehicle, check fuel level or miles to empty, state vehicle mileage summary as well as track their vehicle’s position for parents to monitor their children when the children are using the car and what is the distance from home, all in the comfort of their home.

Ford is exploring to provide these functions by linking the vehicles with Amazon cloud based voice service, Alexa and as the voice command device which interfaces with Alexa. Drivers also will be able to use other features of Amazon such as shopping lists, weather reports and many more.

Ford owners also will be able to automate their smart home device such as opening or closing garage door, turning on of off the lights or unlocks the front door, all in the comfort of their cars. To be able to do this, Ford is working with Wink Smart Home Platform.

Apparently, Ford is not the first automaker which exploring with the idea of integrating home and car. was working together with Nest’s developer platform in order to come up with something which enables drivers to control their home thermostat from the comfort of their vehicles.

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