Bosch Smart Accelerator Pedal Helps Drivers Save Fuel

is one of German’s manufacturers which are known to make electrical appliances among others. The recent creation of the company is rather unique. It is an accelerator pedal which will vibrate in case if the driver is pushing it too hard.

The idea of this smart gas pedal is to save on fuel consumptions as well as to alert driver in case there is a potential dangerous situation. As there are no two drivers who drive exactly the same way and whether the drivers are wearing shoes or barefooted during driving can lead to an up to 25 percent of vehicle’s fuel usage as shared by the company.

Stefan Seiberth, president of Gasoline Systems division of Robert Bosch GmbH said that the Bosch active gas pedal helped drivers save fuel and alerted them to potentially dangerous situations as well. He added that the pedal told the driver when the economy and acceleration curves intersected.

Apart from saving fuel, it also can be served as an early warning system, especially when the car is approaching a bend and it is travelling in a high speed or if the car is travelling the wrong way. It will vibrate when these scenarios are happening so that the drivers can take actions such as slowing down the car or going to the right way.

The traditional way of saving fuel consumption depends on shaping on drivers’ habit and it will take some time. However, by using active pedal combined with advanced car systems, it is able to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 7 percent.

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