Google in Talks with Fiat Chrysler for Autonomous Car Collaboration

Google has been testing technology since months ago and it seems like they were doing a good job on it. As seen in the number of miles Google’s autonomous testing cars have travelled, there is no doubt that they had covered most of the road scenarios. Now, it seems like Google is looking for a partner in the automotive industry to help it build cars with self driving technology in a greater scale.

Last December, Google is reported to create an entirely new company to build self driving cars with Ford as the partner. However, it seems like there is no continuation on that. Recently, it is reported that Google is in talks with and it is at final stage for the collaboration.

Fiat Chrysler, similar to Google, is also looking for a partner to enter the autonomous car market. In 2015, the company reported to have tried to collaborate with GM and sadly, it failed. Now, the company is looking for another partner. It seems that Google and Fiat Chrysler collaboration might be a good thing.

Karl Brauer, auto industry analyst for Kelley Blue Book said that every car company was trying to get into the tech space right now because they all knew their future depended on it. He added that at the same time, tech companies were trying to understand how to transition from software, interface and personal device production into the much more complicated world of automotive manufacturing and a Google/FCA tie-up could simultaneously put both companies in lead in this critical race.

Both Google and Fiat Chrysler have no comment on the rumour and speculation.

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