Startup Will Bring Deep Learning to Autonomous Car Technology

is a startup company. It has no connection whatsoever with George Hotz’s eventhough both of them having the same naming convention. The company received a total of $12 million in funding last year and has been granted permission to test its autonomous vehicles on California roads, making it the 13th company which has license to do so. expertise is to come up with a deep learning technology for autonomous cars. Therefore, despite of telling the on what to do for what scenario, the deep learning technology will be able to learn how to solve each issue by itself. It has similar behaviour as human in a way that the more time it spends on driving and the more scenarios that it encounters, the better it is to response to them. Passengers safety definitely should be the priority of the technology. is reported to be hiring engineers to research on the deep learning technology. There is no further information on how far the company has gone through with the research however, if it has been granted to test its autonomous vehicles on the public road for testing, it seems that the company has ready to install the deep learning technology on a vehicle.

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