Wrightspeed will Install Sustainable Electric Engines on New Zealand City Trolleys over the next year

was founded by a former Tesla founder, Wright. It all began in a simple premise whereby he applied massive sustainability gains of electric engines to the least sustainable vehicles on the road. As a result, the technology of electric motors, battery packs and a gas turbine offers lumbering, multi-ton motor vehicles with 60 percent better fuel efficiency and 90 percent cleaner emissions. Recently, the company landed an opportunity to install the technology to New Zealand’s old city trolleys over the next year as part of a $30 million deal announced recently.

CEO of , Zane Fulljames, said that Wrightspeed’s powertrains outperformed the competition on nearly every metric and would provide them with the fuel source flexibility and economically compelling technology to future-proof their transit assets. The idea is not to replace the old dirty diesel buses which running across the city but to swap out with cleaner transport system.

Wrightspeed high tech engine may not suit all heavy vehicles. It might suit heavy vehicles which needs more power to go up hills and operates long hours. Therefore engines such as Prius might works on a car or taxi but installing Wrightspeed engine to a car or taxi might not be worth the extra investment. Installing the engine to school buses might not work either as school buses only active a few hours a day.

Wrightspeed’s deal with NZ Bus is seen as a move beyond providing delivery vehicles and towards a larger market for its sustainable technology. As said by Wright, a city car such as Prius burned about 150-200 gallons a year and did it pretty cleanly. He added that a garbage truck could go through 14000 gallons a year which means a lot more pollution and a lot more potential savings.

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