Self Driving Cars Making Passengers Carsick?

Self driving cars are designed in such a way that both of the front seats will be able to rotate to face backwards and the passengers are pictured to be able to read books or having meetings inside the car. However, it seems that there is one tiny issue with that. You might not even realise it but when you read a book, facing backwards while the car is moving at the other direction, you can get motion sickness.

Cyriel Diels, a ergonomics specialist at Britain’s Coventry University, argued that automated vehicles could not simply be thought of as living rooms, offices or entertainment venues on wheels. The designers of autonomous cars must also consider the comfort of the passengers.

Motion sickness is caused by unexpected jolts and every wench to one side during a turn. However, if you know that there will be jolts and turns you might not get it. Therefore in a scenario whereby a bad driver who repeatedly accelerates and brakes will feel just fine even though the passengers might experience a bad motion sickness as the driver has already known what was going to happen beforehand while the passengers were not.

One of a way to keep oneself from getting motion sickness is by looking out at the window or looking at the road up ahead. Therefore, it will be good if the has a lot of windows both from the front side and the rear side of the car as well as arranging the interior stuff in order not to block the view as much as possible. Another way is by providing a view of the road by using augmented reality so that the passengers will be able to know whether there is bump or turn beforehand as published by Applied Ergonomics, Diels and Jelte Bos of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

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