Toyota New Prius Prime Will Feature Aerodynamic Rear Window

put in a lot of cool features in its latest as such that it is surprising that these features can be found in a mass market vehicle. For a start, the standard touch screen in its interior is replaced with a 11.6-inch portrait display. The design is inspired from Tesla which recently it is also implemented by Volvo in its newer models. On top of that there is also a full colour heads-up display (HUD) available inside Prius Prime.

The difference of the interior of Tesla and Toyota is that Toyota added a few permanent buttons such as cabin temperature, volume, radio on/off and buttons of similar functionalities surrounding the touch screen. The choice of using permanent buttons instead of touch buttons is so that the driver does not have to fiddle with changing screens in order to do simple things such as lowering the volume. However, sadly, Prius Prime does not support Android Auto and CarPlay at the moment.

As for the exterior design, Prius Prime has a slightly concave rear window which channels air over the spoiler. On top of that there is a uniquely-shaped window along with a new grille shutters which automatically close when the radiator is not in use. All these designs are implemented to reduce drag and wind noise as well as preventing undesired lift forces when the car is driven at high speeds.

Prius Prime will be available in the showrooms this fall and it offers a 22 miles on electric or 600 miles on hybrid mode.

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