BMW i8 Looks Prettier in Protonic Red Edition

i8 was introduced a few years ago with the original colour of silver and blue. Recently the company showcased its latest variant of the model in the Geneva Motor Show which is known as Protonic Red i8.

There is not much technical modification made to Protonic Red . It will still be a hybrid type of sport car which means that initially it will be powered by electric and when it run out of electric power then it will switch to gasoline as the power source. The car will have a 231-horsepower when it is run on gasoline and a 131-horsepower when it is run on electric. On top of that the car will be able to go from zero to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds with top speed of 155mph.


As the name suggested Protonic Red BMW i8 will be painted by a bright, rich and eye catching rosso colour which is difficult to miss. It is said to be the first of a series of special edition models which highlight the personalization service of BMW at BMW Individual.


The production of i8 Protonic Red Edition starts in July 2016 and will be built at the Leipzig plant. Orders will be available until the end of 2016. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether the car will be available in the US market as currently it is only open to UK market.

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