Toyota Plans to Design Electric Cars which Highly Customizable but Odd Looking

plans to design a car which fit into any occasion. For this purpose, the company is working with students from to design a car which appeal to Generation Z. What it means by Generation Z is the people who born after the Millennial.

The concept car is called uBox. It is targeted towards young entrepreneurs who basically like to do their work while commuting and going for recreation during the weekend. Therefore if they want to work while travelling, they just need to configure the car and the car will provide some office space for them to do so. On the other hand, if they want to go for recreation during weekend, then they just need to flip the back row seats to put in the things that they needed for the recreational activities.

Mark Benton, the project manager, said that Gen Z is very product oriented as they are not brand loyal, but they are very brand conscience, therefore, they liked to have products they could customized.

To achieve this, the students designed the car’s interior with panels which can be reconfigured using 3D printing. Therefore, car owners are able to do 3D printing of the vents, dashboard bezels and door trim as per their liking. Another feature of this concept car is that it has curved glass roof which allows plenty of natural light to go into the car.

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