US Government Promises $4 Billion Investment for Autonomous Driving Research

Automakers are currently working on autonomous cars, some of them have already done public road testing on California roads, the only thing remains is to work on the national and insurance policy for autonomous cars. The good news is that the US government has started the process of defining the road policy for autonomous cars. On top of that it promises to invest $4 billion for research on autonomous driving over the next 10 years.

The investment is part of President Obama’s 2017 budget proposal. The main idea is to work together with technology companies and automakers to test connected and autonomous cars in designated corridors throughout the country and eventually over time, it will grow to a broader policy.

DOT (US Department of Transportation) said that it wanted to develop a model state policy on automated driving within the next six months and in the long run, it could then lead to a consistent national policy. DOT also asking automakers to submit rule interpretation requests to see if their autonomous driving features such as self parking systems meet its standards. DOT also said that automakers can also ask for exemptions.

Ten years might seem like an eternity to some of the automakers. However it still takes about two to three years to develop a new vehicle in Detroit and there is still challenges in technological and regulatory policies that need to be solved. Therefore it seems that it is still a reasonable period.

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