Sense A Life Warns Parent and Caregivers of a Child Left Behind in a Car

is a device which will warn parents or caregivers of a child left behind in a car. The device has two parts of it. One part is installed at the side of the driver’s seat while another part is installed at the child’s car seats. It only takes about 30 seconds to install and configure the device.

Sense A Life works in such a way that the part of the device which is installed at the driver’s seat side will monitor the driver’s movement and the other part of the device will monitor the child’s movement. Therefore if the part of the device which is nearer to the driver detects that there is no driver while the part of the device which is nearer to the passenger detects that the child is still around, after some time, the driver will be alerted that there is still a child present in the car.

Sense A Life uses lithium ion batteries in both of the parts. It can be rechargeable via standard micro-usb charger and it can last for approximately 2-3 months after a single charge. On top of that, if the battery level drops to 25%, the driver will be notified via the device LED lights and mobile app.

Sense of Life is currently being crowd funding for $50,000 on and the first shipment is expected to be in December.

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