Tesla Model S New Front-End First Look Revealed

reported to undergo facelift at the end of last year despite the company denied to be working on it at that time. However, after the car model has been made official and the new design and specs was released, it seems that it shares more features with Model X. Currently, seen to be updating the Model S advertising materials at its retail locations.

Tesla Model S exterior design was changed to be similar with Model X especially the front fascia and its headlights. The new headlights on Model S are designed with 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights which will improve visibility at night especially when driving on winding roads.

Tesla HEPA air filtration system which is previously only available on Model X is installed in Model S too. The air filter system claims to be 100 times more effective than all other premium automotive filters as it boasts to be able to remove at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution, allergens, bacteria as well as other contaminants from cabin air.

Tesla Model S charger is upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps and thus it will take shorter charging time when connected to higher amperage charging sources. On top of that, there will be two additional new interior décor choices too, Figured Ash Wood Décor and Dark Ash Wood Décor.

Aligned with all these new features, the price of Model S is increased by $1500 across the board. Model S70 pricing starts at $71,500.

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