Microsoft Partnered Volvo in Developing Driverless Car Technology

is joining autonomous car market with partnership with . The two companies will be working together to integrate Microsoft’s augmented reality device, HoloLens, in the car buying experience. The device will bring the experience to a whole new level.

There is a lot of benefit in using HoloLens. In the future, the car salesmen will be able to show the car which they want to sell to the potential buyers without having the physical car to be present at the location. The location is no longer restricted to a car’s showroom but rather anywhere else outside the car’s showroom. It could be at the pop up stall in an exhibition as an example. By using HoloLens, the consumers will also be able to configure a three-dimensional figure of their new cars.

Scott Erickson, senior director for HoloLens said that they were thrilled to be working with Volvo Cars to reimagine what is possible in car design, discovery and purchasing. He also mentioned that they were excited to be at this intersection of technology and human-centric design with Volvo.

Volvo plans to roll out 100 self driving cars in Sweden by 2017. Recently the company unveiled driverless car interior which looks ahead in time with its touch screen infotainment system. In this market, they will be competing against traditional automakers such as Ford and technology companies such as Google and Apple. Apple is currently working together with Audi to develop its own driverless car.

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