How Connected Cars are Making Our Lives More Convenient

New technologies especially for automotive industry were introduced in this year’s CES (Consumer Electronic Show). Most of every major carmaker is working on innovation to integrate your car with the gadgets in your home. Therefore instead of clicking a button on your smartphone to turn on the lights in your home while you are in the office, you can talk to your car and your car will talk to the hub in your home to turn on the light.

This technology is made possible by combining connected cars technology with Internet of Things. Therefore, not only you are able to control connected devices inside your house but you are also able to monitor what is happening inside your home from your car’s dashboard. On top of that all these are activated by voice command.

, with its Alexa, will be integrated in ’s cars as well as hundreds of connected device so that you can talk to your car and your car will talk to all your smart home gadgets to execute your command wherever you are. Alexa is Amazon’s own digital assistant. It is similar with Siri, the difference is just that Alexa is not designed to be installed on a smartphone. Alexa was first introduced when Echo was released. Echo is Amazon’s wireless speaker which acts as a voice activated home hub.

on the other hand, is working with Nest, Google-owned makers for intuitive thermostat as well as Nestcam, to announce a new program which allows its devices to work as a hub to host other connected home devices such as Philips Hue lighting system or Yale smart locks. Therefore, you will be able to unlock you door or switch on the kitchen lights while you are a on your way home.

Samsung was seen to showcase its smart fridge which is equipped with camera for you to monitor your food supply. Whirlpool’s new washer and dryer are installed with Amazon technology which is designed to be able to restock detergent automatically whenever the detergent falls below a threshold. Therefore, when you were on your way home and you stopped by the supermarket to buy some things but you also wanted to get your groceries done and you have not made any list, you could turn to your car’s dashboard and checked the live feed from cameras inside your connected refrigerator and came up with grocery list as soon as possible. All this can be done in the supermarket’s parking lot. It is that convenient!

With all these technologies coming up, your car and your house is no longer seen as two separate entities but as one entity that works together to do some things. On top of that, instead of using your smartphone to do things remotely, connected cars will be an alternative tool to make you feel that you are in control of your home even when you are not at home.

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