Google Self Driving Car Proven to Crash Less than Human Driving Car

Google has been reported to test its own self driving car on public road since 6 years ago. Within these 6 years, it has reported a series of minor crashes from more than 50 self driving cars which took part in the public road testing and has logged 1.3 million miles in Texas and California in self driving mode. According to Google, the test fleet has 17 crashes reported within the timeline and none of them is caused by the company’s self driving cars.

After considering the severity and the number of crashes which are not reported to police, a study shows that human drivers are involved in 4.2 crashes per million miles while self driving cars in autonomous mode are involved in 3.2 crashes per million miles. Therefore, it can be concluded that self driving cars are generally safer than human drivers.

California has proposed state regulations that require all autonomous cars to have steering wheel, throttle and brake pedals when operating on California’s public road. On top of that a licensed driver is required to sit at the driver’s seat in order to take over the car in case of emergency. To this proposal, Google has criticized it and said that the same old status quo and fell short on allowing the technology to reach its full potential, while excluding those who need to get around but cannot drive.

Google is eager to show that its self driving cars are safe to operate on public roads.

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