Flying Car TF-X Prototype Approved to be Tested Outside Sky

has been approved to be tested at outside sky by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). is an American small company based in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States. Apart from developing TF-X , the company is also known for developing roadable aircraft named the Transition.

TF-X is designed to be 2ft. long and seats four passengers. It should be able to be parked inside a one-car garage as well. However, it has weight restriction of not more than 50 pounds. The vehicle uses an engine combined with two electric motors for propulsion. It is powered by two plug-in hybrid 600-horsepower electric motors and a 300-horsepower fuel engine, a hybrid. Unfortunately, the battery technology needs further improvement.

TF-X is designed to be able to fly within the range of 500 miles with a speed of 200mph on a single charge and it should be semi-autonomous. The company is planning to make it such that it would take less training flying a TF-X than flying a professional airplane.

Flying cars have been a dream for a lot of carmakers out there for such a long time. However, it has not been made into a reality yet. A few years ago, a company sponsored by French government, has come out with idea of commuter plane called Xplorair. It was unveiled as a half-size prototype at Paris Air Show in 2013. The company are planning to show a full-size model in 2017.

Xplorair is one-seater and it looks more like a drone than a flying car.

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