Chinese Automaker Start-ups Participate in Electric Car Global Market

Apart from Tesla, Google and Apple who are reported to be making all-electric cars, Chinese automakers also seems to be working on their own versions of all-electric cars. There are 3 Chinese automaker companies which are identified to be joining the electric car global market.

is California-based company which apparently backed up by a Chinese media company, LeTV. The first all-electric concept car designed by the company has been showcased in 2016 CES (Consumer Electric Show) which was held in Nevada. CES is always held in the month of January every year. It is also reported that Nevada’s authorities have approved a $335-million incentive package for the company to open a billion-dollar factory in the area. In this way, it will also create 4500 direct jobs in the state.

is another Chinese automaker which is working on an all-electric car. Sadly, there is not much news about it. The company was initially created as China’s racing team to compete in then A1 Grand Prix and now Formula E. It ended the 2015 season by wining the driver’s title with one of its duo of drivers, Nelson Piquet Jr, former F1 racer. The company was apparently backed up by Chinese tech giant Tencent and William Li, Chinese tech entrepreneur who is also founder of BitAuto, a car listings and e-commerce sites.

Youxia showcased its all-electric car, Youxia Ranger X, in July last year but sadly it is not available yet. The car was designed to have a 324-horsepower electric motor and an entry-level battery which offers a range of 137 miles in a single charge. The company also offers another two car range, 205 or 286 miles. The production is scheduled to start in 2016 with sales starting in early 2017.

With all these automakers working on all-electric cars, hopefully, it would make the all-electric cars more affordable.

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