Mercedes Benz to Launch Two Billion Euro Ecoluxe Project after Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) Approved

Mercedes is reported to launch a two billion Euro “” project after its new Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) was approved by the board. The company is planning to launch 4 EVA-based cars. This movement is seen as one of the way to compete with Tesla. Tesla is currently undergoing road testing to produce its own all-electric cars and it will be autonomous.

The first car from the project will be expected to complete in 2018. It is reported that the car will be a sedan which size sitting between C and E-class followed by a crossover which size sitting between GLC and GLE.

The new EV sedan design was inspired from IAA concept. Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) is a mechanism whereby the car is capable of changing its basic shape to improve its aerodynamics if needed.

Therefore, by the touch of a button or automatically on reaching a speed of 80km/h, the Concept IAA will be activated. The car’s length will be increased by up to 390millimeters, front flaps in the front bumper extended by 25mm to the front and 20mm to the rear to improve the air flow around the front end and the front wheel arches.

The EVA platform will be manufactured in Bremen. It will use the same suspension, body and basic electrical components with Daimler’s current MRA platform. The battery which is expected to weigh 400kg will be installed onto the bottom of the vehicle. It will supply energy either to a sole 300kW rear-mounted motor or a 300kW rear motor and a 90 or 150 kW front-mounted motor.

The four EVA based cars will be sold at prices between $103,000 and $118,000.

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