First Driverless Car Racing Series Planned to Debut Soon

As technology is on the rise, it is not surprising that there will be a race organised for it. It will be most likely to be organised by the same people who organised electric car racing which debuted last year. The series will be known as Roborace and planned to start in 2016-2017 season.

Roborace is planned to take place an hour before the regular Formula E event and on the same circuits too. The event will also last for about one-hour. To make this championship into a reality, the organisers are working together with Kinetik, a company specializes in developing new technologies.

The winners of Roborace will be judged solely on their ability to write the smartest algorithm using the current existing technology and of course, win the race. In order to achieve this, each team who is participating in the event will be given two cars. The cars will have the same hardware specifications for all the team therefore; there is no difference in the automotive design. There will be a total of ten teams which includes one crowd-sourced team.

The official statement released by Formula E was rather brief. However, the company spokesperson told Wired UK that Roborace cars will have top speeds of about 300 kilometers per hour or 186 mph. On top of that, The Verge mentioned that it will be faster than Audi’s self driving RS7 race car which is 149 miles per hour.

More details about the races and the teams will be released on a later date.

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