Volkswagen BUDD-e Electric Minibus Futuristic Vehicle which Comes with Voice Control

With ’s lawsuit and scandal over the Dieselgate which made headlines last year, might bring consumers’ confidence back to the brand. As of now, it is still a concept car with 101-kWh battery power.

The vehicle is designed to travel an impressive 373 miles between charges which are based on the New European Driving Cycle. After the EPA drive cycle has been used, BUDD-e is able to travel about 233 miles per charge. On average, the mini bus is able to travel up to 93mph.

As for the interior, BUDD-e is equipped with infotainment panels which can be operated by using touch, voice and gesture control. By waving hand, it could open the sliding door or by kicking, it could open the tailgate.

BUDD-e is also designed to connect you to your home or workspace. The driver is able to control lights and air conditioning or display images from cameras around the home while travelling in the minivan. The best part is that, the driver can even open the front door for the guest to come in while he is still commuting.

By a simple ‘Hello BUDD-e’, it could activate the vehicle’s voice control or by saying ‘please turn the heat up a bit’, it could increase the temperature in the minivan and the response has an immediate effect. Volkswagen is toying with the idea whether to install a feature whether the BUDD-e can order and receive its own compartment as an enhancement.

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