4WD Scooter with Weather Protection as Alternative for Commuting by Car

is a concept vehicle which looks like a motorbike. It was designed by Boris Schwarzer which currently working as a contract designer for Ford Motors. Schwarzer is based in Michigan. Apart from , he has done a few other concept vehicle images such as Spike commuting car, Joust personal transporter as well as Urban Link tuk-tuk.

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CityJet is designed to have an aluminium frame with narrow wheels which can be ride on pavement. It has an additional protective layer which designed to protect the rider from snow, rain or wind as well as to minimize the impact when an accident happens. These panels can be slide back to reveal more access to the seat. They also can be used as an access to get fresh air during commuting which also can be accessed through the integrated air vents. The wheels can be changed with snow tires during winter time.

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The concept vehicle is designed to run on compact fuel cell burning clean hydrogen which also can be doubled up to provide partial heat for the rider and his or her passenger during winter time. The seats can be lowered to reduce the centre of gravity to make it more stable. As it looks like a motorbike, the way to ride it will also be similar to motorbike.

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