Volvo and Microsoft Collaboration to Make Driverless Cars

and announced that the two companies will be working together to make autonomous cars, using data to study consumer behaviour in order to create meaningful services for the consumers and developing a technology which can learn by itself as well as improving the process of buying a car as their main focus.

Bjorn Annwall, senior vice president of marketing, sales and services at Volvo, which is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in a phone interview with CNBC, mentioned that technology would transform when it came to autonomous cars, connectivity and the car buying process. He further added that they believed that would happen as it’s naturally the tech and automotive industry came closer to explore that together.

Last month, South Korea electronics giant LG announced that the company would be providing key components for the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt electric car under General Motors. Apple and Google are also reported to be coming up with their own version of driverless cars with Google already testing theirs on the public roads in United States.

Volvo recently unveiled Concept 26, the model of ’s interior. However, it is still unclear how Microsoft and Volvo would work together to make the concept into a reality. One thing for sure is that when a potential car owner walk into Volvo’s car showroom, he or she would be presented with HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, to view the car in 3D. The headset will project 3D images into real objects therefore; the consumers will be able to change colours over a Volvo car in the showroom. All this is done to improve the customer’s experience when wanting to buy a new car.

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