Volvo S90 Equipped with New Technologies and Luxury Designs

Consumers are spoilt with choices when it comes to purchasing a new car. Nowadays, it seems that it is not enough for a luxury car to be installed with high-end leathers and open-pore wood for its interior as any car makers are able to do that. , a luxury car manufacturer uses technology to distinguish itself from the other luxury carmaker.

Volvo is the latest car model from Volvo. It includes Pilot Assist, a semi-autonomous technology which keeps the car within the lane during travelling as it detects the lane marking on the road. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) enables the car to adjust vehicle speed with the traffic flow. On top of that, it comes with large animal detection. The technology is the world’s first as it capable to detect large animals such as elk, horses or moose during day or night. Apparently, apart from detecting them, it also comes with intuitive warning and brake support to avoid collision.

As for the interior design of the car, Volvo S90 will be installed with woods and leathers as per normal. The highlight is found at the centre dash, a large Sensus infotainment touchscreen which enables car owners to access cloud-based app services such as Yelp, Wikipedia and more. Volvo named it Sensus Connect.

For this car model, it comes with several choices of powertrains. The flagship is T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid system which combines 400+ horsepower with the serenity and eco-friendliness of a plug-in hybrid.

Interior Blond Volvo S90
Interior Blond Volvo S90
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