Hyundai Unveiled its First All-Electric Vehicle Photos

is designed with high-strength architecture which promises to be lightweight and fun to drive. It will be the first car model to offer electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid powertrains all in single body type. With this design, is confident that it will match the ever-changing lifestyle and expectations of customers.

As mentioned by Rag Jung, Head of Project Management Division at Hyundai Motor R&D Center, IONIQ embodied Hyundai Motor’s new thinking and bold ambitions for the future and that the world-class dedicated hybrid would be the starting point of their future mobility.

IONIQ body is made of lightweight aluminium on its hood, tailgate and suspension components and therefore, it is lighter by 12.6kg or about 45%. It boasts of 53% Advanced High Strength Steel which is able to withstand significant collision forces and minimizes the impact during accidents. The batteries are positioned low and forward to achieve low centre of gravity and thus enables highly responsive and stable cornering.

IONIQ engine is designed to achieve about 40% of thermal efficiency, thanks to the new 1.6-liter Kappa GDi engine which is developed exclusively for Hyundai Motor’s hybrid engines. The head and block is split to optimize cooling and a 200 bar high pressure 6-hole direct fuel injector is installed to improve fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

IONIQ uses Lithium Ion Polymer Battery which promises outstanding charge and discharge performance as well as optimizes output from the high voltage motor and enables rapid regeneration. Its hybrid-exclusive Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) responsible for controlling power distribution which delivers dynamic driving experience unique for IONIQ.

Hyundai will be showcasing the three-model IONIQ range at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016.

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