Facebook.car and Apple.car Domain Found, Hinted Possible Car Coming from the Companies?

Apart from ‘.com’ domain which we normally type when we want to access some websites, there are 3 new domains which started on 9 Dec 2015, ‘.car’, ‘.cars’ and ‘.autos’ domains. Among these new domains, giant technology companies such as and Google or even found to have registered the domains.

These technology companies had the opportunity to register the new domain first in order to avoid possible legal fights against some other companies in the future as the other companies which are using the domain names that they want to use might try to extract some cash from the big companies.

Apple’s news that the company is working on car is a public secret and it is not surprising if the company decided to register ‘.car’ domain. However, it is interesting to find Facebook in the list of the companies who has registered to the ‘.car’ domain too. Does it mean that Facebook is also working on car too? Or is Apple and Facebook joining together to manufacture a car together? Google, on the other hand, has also registered for Google.car, Google.cars and Google.auto domains. Google is known to be working on cars since a few years ago, but apparently the company has just registered for the domains on 7 January 2016.

Other major tech companies such as Tesla, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, HP and IBM have not registered their ‘.car’ domain. It seems like its just a matter of time before they do it.


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