Ford Applied Patent for Its Rear Tire Design which Converts to Electric Unicycle

has a very unique design for its car and the company has already applied a patent for it. It is based on the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, a well known Hollywood movie whereby the lead figure, Batman, parked his Batmobile, pulled out one of its rear tire and his Batpod from Batmobile’s trunk, fixed the rear tire into it and races through the traffic in the city. Batmobile is Batman’s car while Batpod is Batman’s motorbike.

Therefore, based on this design, Ford wants to bring it into the real life. It is useful in the scenario whereby when there is a bad traffic in the city and the driver need to rush to somewhere else, the driver will just need to park the car at the nearby parking lot, pull out one of the rear-side wheel, take out the unicycle stored in the car’s trunk, fixed it in and the driver will be ready to zip through the traffic to reach his or her destination.


The real-life mechanism can be expected to be less slick than in the movie as the wheel could be clipped onto an electric motor complete with battery, seat and foothold. Ford called this invention as a self-propelled unicycle engagable with vehicle. In the patent, the automaker mentioned that the self-propelled unicycle might be more easily and quickly manoeuvred in the more congested areas.

Ford also hinted that more than one unicycle could be incorporated into the car. The patent was applied in June 2015 and it was just published last week.

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