Everything about the new Player in Automotive Industry Faraday Future

We came to know about when the company showed off its concept car in CES 2016. was founded about two years ago and it is supported by Chinese billionaire, Jia Yueting. He is the CEO of LeTV, one of China’s most popular online video sites which based in Beijing. promised to start its mass production of the next future car in 2017.

Faraday Future shop can be found in Gardena, California, at the former site of Nissan Headquarter. It has nearly 500 employees in 40 countries and most of its employees have worked for some of the biggest brands in automotive industry such as Tesla, BMW, Ford, GM and SpaceX. In the future, the company plans to build a 3 million-square-foot production facility in Northern Las Vegas which reported to cost about $1 billion.

As for the vehicle itself, Faraday Future car most probably will be producing car similar to Tesla or most probably better. The company promised that its car’s battery pack will have 15 percent higher energy than Tesla’s Model S. Tesla Model S battery pack is about 85 kWh and it is able to travel about 270 miles on a full charge. However, Tesla does offer an upgrade of 90 kWh which able to travel about 286 miles on a full charge. If it is true then we can expect the battery pack for Faraday Future production car to come in around 98 kWh.

There are many things that we do not know about Faraday Future or about its cost. Stay tune to find out more!

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