UBER Trip Experience API Allow Developers to Create Apps Suitable for Commuters

Trip Experience was actually opened to developers back in August 2014. Some of the popular mobile apps such as StubHub, an app to buy baseball tickets or United Airlines, an app to book and manage your flight reservation as well as OpenTable, an app to reserve a place in restaurant and even Facebook Messenger was seen to be using it. It was only in the recent event in Bangalore, India, the company launched it for public usage.

The API launch thus opens a new whole opportunity for developers to create some creative apps so that the commuters will be able to kill their time during one of their rides with Uber. From the API, the other apps will be able to use information such as the user’s location as well as ETAs of the user’s pickup and the user’s dropoff to his or her destination. On top of that, before the API requires the apps to request of user’s permission before receiving any alert from it.

Ubers-Trip-Experiences-API-will-let-apps-fill-your-ride-time-with-relevant-app-content (1)

One way that the apps should be able to use the API is to automatically notify the user of a list of songs or videos that they can listen or view while they are commuting in one of the UBER rides. The other way is to display promotions which are available from the stores that located along the route to the destination.

With all these possibilities, we cannot wait to see what the developers will be able to create next!

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