Tesla Latest Update Includes Summon Feature Enables Car to Drive Itself

has released the latest update version 7.1 of its software for Model S and Model X. Version 7.1 which has already started its beta testing with testers last month will include UI improvements, new self parking feature, Driver Mode and Autopilot restrictions as well as new feature called .

The Summon feature is built on top of Autopark setting, therefore Autopark setting enables the car to park itself in a location within 39 feet of the current location, and Summon feature will enable the car to drive itself out from the parking location. It is working in both outdoor parking space or even in your garage. All the car owners need to do is to use the key fob to start the manoeuvre.

In the future, this Summon feature will be able to work with Tesla’s very own upcoming robot charging station. It is a convenience feature whereby Tesla’s car owners will not have to go through the hassle of charging their electric cars.

Apart from the Summon feature, the latest update also includes restriction on feature. This restriction is implemented as such to prevent Tesla’s car owners from doing some dangerous stunts with their cars which Tesla came to know after a few of videos of drivers doing dangerous activities on Tesla cars uploaded to the internet.

Autosteer is now restricted on residential roads and roads without centre divider. When the feature is activated on these roads, the speed limit will be limited to the speed limit of the road with an addition of 5 mph. Even though the cruise control set speed is increased, the system will be able to adjust accordingly.

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