Ford and DJI Challenged Public to Create Drone-to-Vehicle System Using Sync 3

In this year’s CES in Las Vegas, and a drone company announced the Developer Challenge. The challenge goal is pretty straight forward, which is to create a drone-to-vehicle system using ’s F-150 pickup and ’s onboard software, Sync 3 infotainment system, as well as a DJI drone.

The system which won the challenge will be used by the United Nations Development Program, to survey locations which are difficult or impossible to be reached by humans. It will be useful in rescue missions to cities or towns which have just been hit by natural disaster such as tsunami, earthquake or flooding as to speed up the emergency response to save life as well as to minimize the danger of the rescue group. Another usage for the system most probably to inspect a very old bridge or monitor forest fires.

The system should be able to control the DJI drone via Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system as the base operation and it should display whatever the drone sees and such the operator who controls it remotely from inside Ford’s F-150 pickup should be able to see the same thing as the drone. The data will then should be able to be sent to the cloud for further analysis.

Apart from the system will be used by the United Nations Development Program, the winner will get $100,000 reward.

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