Ford Sync 3 Car Infotainment System Will Support both Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

has announced that that its Sync 3 in-car infotainment system will be able to support both Google’s and Apple’s CarPlay. The company added that for existing ’s car owners which car has been installed with Sync 3 in-car infotainment system, they will be getting an upgrade of the latest new features latest by the end of the year.

Sync 3 in-car infotainment system promises a lot of convenience features for the drivers. When it is paired with mobile devices, drivers will be able to access feature such as making or receiving a phone call or even music playback. On top of that drivers will also able to use the voice commands to talk to Siri, ask for direction and even stream music.

As it comes with LTE support, drivers will also be able to start their cars remotely, unlock doors, check fuel level or locate their parking location with their mobile phones. Ford also added AAA and CAA services which are useful in case if the drivers encounter an emergency situation then they will be able to ask for help immediately and the help will guaranteed to come to them wherever they are. A few other apps which added by Ford, for example, apps to log business trips (Concur), apps to alert drivers of the nearby performances and shows (Eventseeker) as well as app to direct drivers to the local attractions, nightlife as well as dining options.

Ford expects about 43 million of its car models will be equipped by Sync 3 car infotainment system released on public road by 2020.

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