Ford Plans towards Creating Autonomous Vehicle May Involve Google

has opened its latest Research and Innovation Centre in Palo Alto, California. Apart from this location, has a few research centres which working on different new technologies. The centre in Dearborn, Michigan, is working on human-machine interface and advanced electronics while the other centre in Germany is exploring on the future drive train, driver-assists as well as safety systems.

For its latest research centre, Ford is most likely to be using it to work on the future of automotive technologies. The company has hired Dragos Maciuca, a former Apple engineer, to lead the innovation projects such as autonomous and remotely-piloted vehicles, car’s dashboard and smart home integration including integration with Google’s Nest thermostat as well as leveraging CPU acceleration for more accurate speech recognition.

Ford is also seen to work together with Stanford University on a collaboration project named Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research Vehicle. It is a technology to allow driverless car system to know where it is going and predict what is going to happen at the next junction. In this way, hopefully, it will be able to avoid collision and prevent accident from happening.

It is not surprising if Ford decides to work together with Google on its autonomous vehicle. As by working together, both companies will save on resource and time to come out with the software and hardware needed for an autonomous system to be able to work perfectly. Ford contributes on the software and hardware of the vehicle while Google contributes on the software.

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