Elon Musk is not worry for Competition with Apple on Electric Car

With the regards on the competition with on producing , ’s CEO, Elon Musk, said that he is not worry and that he believes that the competition will ultimately help the industry. He even called Apple’s effort in developing its own electric vehicles as an open secret. It is indeed difficult to hide something if there are over a thousand engineers working on it at the same time. Apple also does not seem to be trying very hard to cover its track.

In the past few months, Apple was seen to hire a few experts from the industry for its own project which is known as Project Titan. One of the experts such as Doug Betts who has led global quality for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV before decided to join Apple. The other expert is Johann Jungwirth who was the former head of Mercedes Benz’s Silicon Valley R&D unit.

Musk even hoped that Apple’s involvement would encourage more participation in the challenge of building electric vehicles, which he found it quite hard to do, in an interview with BBC.

Currently, the company is focusing on building a more affordable electric car, Model 3. The mass production of the car model will begin at the end of next year. For this, he explained that in order to have a substantial effect on transportation, we needed to have cars to be more affordable and that automakers needed to make a car that most people could afford in order to have a substantial impact.

When asked about the role of Tesla, Musk said that he saw the value of Tesla as an accelerant, a catalyst, in that transition, he thought that Tesla might be, when one looked back on it from a historical perspective, an accelerate in that transition by a decade, maybe more.

Apparently, not only Tesla and Apple who will be coming up with electric vehicles, other automakers such as Chevy, Volkswage, Mercedes, Toyota and Audi as well as China’s new player in the automotive industry, Faraway Future, are reported to be working on their own version of electric vehicles.

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