Volvo Partners Ericsson Allowing You to Stream Video While Commuting

As cars will be able to drive by themselves in the future and only need intervention from the drivers during emergency situation which most probably is going to happen pretty seldom, is coming up with a way to keep the driver and its passengers entertained during the journey. is the company’s vision of the future in-car entertainment system for self driving car in the future.

For Concept 26, Volvo will be working together with , Swedish telecom provider, to provide a smarter way to stream video in the car while commuting. Therefore the driver and its passengers would be able to watch some videos on Netflix while going to their destination. As the car would know roughly how long the journey will be, based on the historical figure and the current traffic information, the system should be able to make some recommendations on what are the shows or movies that are suitable for the journey. On top of that for some area which has slower or unreliable connections or even total dead spots, the system should be able to cache enough data so that it would not disrupt the activity.

According to Anders Tylman, head of Volvo Monitoring & Concept Centre, who are working on the project, the car would know how long the journey needed to take and can optimize the route and driving control accordingly. He added that their future autonomous drive technology would provide people with the freedom to choose the way they would like to commute.

Having said that, it could also mean that if previously it only takes about 30 minutes for you to commute from your office to your house, but since you want to watch your favourite movie until it ends, therefore, you can choose to take the longer route to home.

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