Max 360 Smart Radar Helps Driver to Detect Multiple Threats

Safety on the road will always be the priority in the automotive industry. Even though your car is not equipped with the latest car technology, you can make your car smarter by equipping it with Max 360. It is basically a smart radar and laser detector capable to detect multiple threats so that you have enough time to avoid it.

The threats are displayed as colour codes so that you can decide on the severity of the threat and react accordingly. On top of that, it also gives you visual and audio alert to keep your safety while on the road.

Max 360 is also equipped with GPS and AutoLearn Technology. Its technology will filter out the real information with the false information as there is a lot of information being received at the same time. If the device is combined with its mobile app, , drivers will be able to receive real-time alerts which are reported by other drivers within the area. support both OS and OS. However, unfortunately, it is using Bluetooth as such the apps and the device need to be in a short distance for it to work.

ESCORT Live is connected to a database simply known as Defender Database which is updated weekly with locations which installed with road safety cameras. Therefore, it will alert drivers whenever they are entering the area which is installed with such cameras. On top of that, you can even add on your own hotspot.

Max 360 is available with a purchase of less than $700. The Defender Database is available as an upgrade for $19.95 a year or $39.95 for a three year subscriptions.

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