NiMo Smart Parking Space Manager Lets People Earn Money and Find Parking Place at the same time

Finding a place to park your car can be quite a hassle sometimes especially when you are rushing to go to your appointment. NiMo Smart Parking Space Manager might be the solution that you need. NiMo comes with a device which plugged into your car named NiMo Auto Beacon which acts as a secure ID for your car and a NiMo Parker which you need to install it on your parking space using the enclosed anchor bolts as well as mobile apps which compatible with both iOS and Android OS. The battery lasts for at least 6 months on a full charge.

Whenever you are driving close to your parking space with the NiMo Parker installed on it, the NiMo Parker will automatically close and whenever you are driving further from your parking space, it will automatically open. If someone else interested in parking at your parking space, he or she will need to login into the NiMo apps and reserve the parking space. Therefore you can collect the rental fee from it. You can also check the rental status and your total earnings from renting out your parking space by using the apps.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown whether it will work in every city. Stay tuned for more information on how to purchase it!

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