Zubie Mobile Apps Allows Your Old Car to become Connected Cars

Automotive industry is currently moving towards connected cars technology. It means that cars are sharing information between each others in order to minimize the probability of having accidents and improve the efficiency and productivity of the owners. If you have an old car, you can still experience the goodness of having connected cars by purchasing a dongle named and its mobile apps.

It is very easy to use Zubie. You just need to plug it into the OBDII port which located under the dashboard of your car and you can access it anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or any desktop PC 24/7. By using this app, you can do a lot of things. You can use it to keep track of your car’s health and activity so that you will know when its time to change your oil or car battery or top up your fuel before your car is run out of it and you are stranded in a place far away from civilization. On top of that you can also locate your car real time from a live-map so that you can know where your loved ones are all the time.

How does it work? Zubie is using a built-in GPS, a wireless connection to the cloud and multiple sensors that constantly track car health and activity even when the car is not located near the user and therefore, it does not use Bluetooth. Bluetooth required the user to be within a certain distance from the dongle in order for it to work.

Unfortunately, Zubie dongle is only available inside the United States. It can be purchased for less than $100.

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