FIXD Helps Car Owners Translate Car Check Engine Light into Simple and Understandable Terms

is useful for car owners who do not really familiar with car’s technical definition as it translate the car’s check engine light and display understandable terms so that the car owners can do something about it. On top of that, it also gives you the severity and consequences of each car problem as well as reminds the car owner when it is time to go for routine check ups.

FIXD works with most vehicles sold in United States from 1996 onwards and Apple iPhone 4s or newer running on iOS 8 as well as Android devices running 4.0.3 or higher. To use it is very simple, you just need to plug it into your OBDII port of your car and its sensor will be able to receive the latest information about the cars. Unfortunately, its connection is using Bluetooth; therefore, the users need to be within a certain distance from the in order to receive information.

There are some limitations though. First of all, every time you want to check or clear a code, you will need to re-establish the connection as the apps will forget the device every time it has done its task. FIXD also does not keep track of other useful information about the car, it just translate the check engine light and reminds your when you will need to do you car maintenance.

FIXD is available on Amazon for the price less than $40.

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