Traffic Jam Assist Safety Feature Coming to Your Car in the Next Two Years

We have heard of features such as lanekeeping assist or parking assist being installed in our vehicles. However, there is a new feature which can be categorized as a luxury and safety feature at the same time known as . It was supposed to be available on new cars in 2014 and currently a lot of other well known automakers such as or Audi are developing the feature and all are projected to debut on selected models within the next two years.

Traffic jam assist is designed to use anti-collision, anti-bump and anti-scrape tools to help your car to travel smoothly along the most crowded road condition. It will save the driver a lot of time and frustration from the constant acceleration and braking while stuck in the worst traffic jam condition. However, it is only work specifically in heavy traffic instead of on an open road and at slow speeds of 31 miles per hours (49.9 kilometers per hour) or less.

Traffic jam assist can be activated by pressing a button in the Volvo car models. After the button was pressed, the car system will automatically make decisions whether to steer, accelerate, decelerate and determine how much distance need to be maintained around other vehicles and obstacles. The feature would work in a similar way for other automaker but with little differences. In Mercedes Benz, for example, it will require the drivers to always put their hand on the steering wheel in order for the feature to work otherwise it will disengage. Ford version on the other hand uses audio warnings to alert drivers in case if the system unable to handle certain road condition.

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