Ford New Escape Will be Available with SYNC Connect Apps

announced in the Connected Car Expo at LA Auto Show that its new will be installed with apps and its service is offered for free for five years duration. is connected to a built-in modem installed in the vehicle which will allow owners to access features remotely via their smartphones.

There are a lot of things that you can do with the apps. By using the apps, you can lock and unlock your car remotely. You also can do a remote start and apparently you can also schedule your car start which is useful in scenario whereby if you park your car under the hot sun, you can actually start up your car first and turn on the air con before you actually drive your car so that by the time you want to use the car, the temperature in the car is not too warm. On top of that you can also check the vehicle status which includes fuel, oil and battery levels as well as the tire pressure readings. You can use the apps to check for your vehicle’s location too in case you forgotten where you parked your car.

SYNC Connect is considered secured as you required to do a two-step authentication to identify yourself which includes confirming your identity on the vehicle system and on the mobile application. Ford new-generation SYNC 3 includes fast performance, conversational voice recognition, smartphone-like touchscreen and intuitive user interface for Ford vehicles in North America.

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