Analysis Shows that Car Owners Prefer Android Auto and CarPlay than Automaker In-car Infotainment and MirrorLink

An analysis conducted by Strategy Analytics shows that consumers preferred and than the automaker’s in-car infotainment as it was seen as out of date. However, both and Apple CarPlay would need the users to know how to operate them before they can use it. On top of that they should know what feature is supported by the system and what feature is not supported by it.

The analysis was conducted by surveying consumers from US, Western Europe and China. From the study, it is also revealed that consumers’ interest in telematics and remote vehicle management services such as stolen vehicle assistance, remote diagnostics and teen driving alerts increased sharply since 2014 across all age group.

Apparently, traditional radio is still the primary entertainment source for drivers while on the road. Therefore apps such as iHeartRadio and TuneIn is able to work well with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, these apps uses large amounts of monthly data allowance for streaming the local radio which does not sit well with users. Therefore, it is also crucial that the users need to be able to switch between the native system and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay easily or else it will create confusion and frustration for the users.

From the study, it is also found out that does not sit well with the consumers as the menus are inconsistently laid out, making the text hard to read. On top of that the touch targets are either too small or hidden making it difficult to operate. The users also need to try several times before the connection is established and it only works for a handful smartphones such as Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

As the result, automakers such as Hyundai are starting to leave the infotainment to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay while they design the car hardware.

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