Apple Car Various Parts Suppliers Revealed

Making a car is much more difficult than making consumer electronics devices. understands that and currently is looking for different partners to make different parts for its . As Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook said that there would be a massive change in car industry and that autonomous driving became much more important.

The exterior of Apple Car could be made by one of these five companies, Roush, Delphi, Edison2, Atieva and Renovo Motors. Roush assembled the exterior for Google’s prototype self driving cars. The company is based in Michigan.

Renovo Motors is reported to work together with engineers from Stanford University to create a self driving electric DeLorean which is capable of donuts and drifting. Even though it takes skills to do those but technology plays an important part too.

Atieva is founded by a former VP and its employees are mostly from . The company expertise is on battery technologies and it is reported to build its own complete electric car.

For the interior of Apple Car, it could be from one of these three companies, Continental, and Frimo. is one of the prominent suppliers in the automotive industry. It is known to make Tesla’s auto-pilot functionality and it is currently working on its own self-driving hardware with Tesla S as its testbed.

Continental is another supplier also helping Tesla in working on autonomous system in brakes, acceleration and steering.

For the processing powers, Nvidia is the most suitable candidate to develop chips for the autonomous car systems. The company established automotive division back in 2007 and applying video games expertise into the real world. Tesla and Google are some example of its customers. Recently, Apple is reported to poach Nvidia’s director of deep learning.

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