FLIR PathFindIRII Helps Drivers to Have Better Night Vision

Night driving is normally quite challenging for drivers especially when the road condition is inadequate, for example when the road lamp broke down or during bad weather. Fortunately, there is a tool in the market that might be able to help driver overcome these issues, .

FLIR PathFindIRII basically is a thermal night vision system which allows driver to see road hazards clearly even though the driver is driving at total darkness. On top of that, it is able to detect and alert the driver on the nearby vehicles, people and animals.

PathFindIRII is different from headlights. While headlights only able to let the driver see about 450’ straight ahead, PathFindIRII is designed to detect heat and it is able to detect up to four times the distance that is covered by headlights. Therefore, no matter what situation the driver is driving in, whether it is night or day, good or bad weather, he or she will be able to see clearly without having to worry being blinded by the glare of incoming car’s headlights.

PathFindIRII comes with a 320 x 240 with 24-degree field of view. There is an optical heater activated when temperature reaches 4 degrees celsius. On top of that, it also works through smoke, dust and light fog. It has rugged design therefore it does not break easily and the installation is quite easy to do.

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